Drinking beerAt Weetwood’s Cheshire brewery, we are proud to brew an established range of award-winning premium beers. This range was born at a time when very few people were brewing high quality cask ales and has a large, loyal following.

We are building on this with a progressive range of contemporary beers which reflect evolving tastes and make more widespread use of the stunning hop varieties available from around the world.

We don’t compromise on what goes into our beers or the effort required to produce them. All have been designed and brewed to pass one simple, ruling test: “Would you have another?”

The result is a beer range that is famously consistent, balanced and full-flavoured. Each beer is described below.


3.8% Best Bitter

The first beer we brewed and still many people’s favourite Weetwood Ale. At a time when it was a struggle to find a decent pint of cask ale, this was the answer. Brewed with Maris Otter malt and a range of British hops to produce the rounded flavour and sharp bitterness of a classic British best bitter.

Available in cask.


4.2% Amber Ale
eastgateBrewed for the centenary of Chester’s famous Eastgate clock. A Champion Beer of Cheshire, brewed exclusively with whole leaf Cascade hops for a fruity foretaste and distinctly hoppy flavour. Has a long sweet finish and a very large fan base.

Available in cask and 500ml bottles.


4.5% Premium Bitter
WA-Old-Dog-01A beer for the connoisseur. Dark, smooth and full-bodied. Maris Otter and dark roasted malts create the deep colour and Challenger and Goldings hops the extra flavour and aroma.

Available in cask.


5.0% Golden Beer
WA-Oast-House-01Another Champion Beer of Cheshire and a Bronze medallist at the Great British Beer Festival. Wheat malt is combined with Maris Otter pale malt and British hops to create an easy-drinking beer with a lingering, unique dry finish.

Available in cask.


4.0% Blonde Ale
Cheshire catSmooth and well-balanced with refreshing citrusy flavours. Very blonde and very easy drinking. Chester’s favourite.

Available in cask and 500ml bottles.


4.5% American Pale Ale
Oregon Pale
Pale in colour, medium-bodied and with big flavours of citrus and grapefruit from the fantastic American hops first grown in Oregon. These are well balanced by Maris Otter malt and at 4.5% ABV, it’s strong enough to satisfy but remains a refreshing session beer.

Available in cask


3.9% Red-Brown Ale
WA-Mad-Hatter-v1A great session beer, brewed with Amarillo hops from the USA to give spicy and floral character.

Available in cask.

Southern Cross

3.6% New World Pale Ale
Southern CrossA flavoursome, hoppy beer at a very ‘sessionable’ ABV. Pale golden with a great aroma and freshness from the pine and lemony characteristics of the New Zealand hops. The brewers have packed in plenty of character and layers of flavour, rare in a 3.6% beer.

Available in cask and 500ml bottles

Maori Sidestep

4.4% Black Ale
Southern CrossA clever blend of six malts and grains creates the colour and character of this black ale which is brewed with hops from New Zealand. Dark malts produce an inviting roasted aroma and oats deliver a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. This is a surprisingly light session beer - like rugby players on the receiving end of a Maori Sidestep, it goes down very easily.

Available in cask.

New beers are being developed to add to this range. Follow us via Facebook or Twitter to stay informed.

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