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Single Malt Whisky

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Distilled, matured and bottled by Weetwood

Driven by a love of single malt and our many years brewing ales with malted barley, in 2018, we began distilling on a 400-ltr copper pot still and started laying down new make spirit to mature into what we believe is Cheshire’s first Single Malt Whisky.

The First Release will be ready in early Autumn 2022.


Single malt whisky from the heart of rural Cheshire

We wanted to challenge the belief that a good single malt needs to be produced in Scotland and requires 10 years’ aging. We’ve therefore gone to great lengths at every stage of our production process to generate flavour and character.

Every aspect of the process is done on our site in the heart of Cheshire. We start with a tonne of English malted barley, mash this with soft Cheshire water, pitch yeast and slowly ferment. The result is 4,000 litres of ‘wash’ which we gently distil to create a creamy, new make spirit. This is then laid down to mature in casks for at least 3 years. Cask choice is critical and we use smaller than industry standard, specially-prepared American oak quarter casks. These are shaved, toasted and re-charred to our specification and, when filled, are stored in different environments at our rural site to enable aging by our seasons – cold winters, warm summers. Losses to ‘angels’ share’ are significant, but we think the character the spirit picks up is worth it.

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Naturally Aged by the Cheshire Seasons

We are learning about the variables – the impacts of different malts, yeasts, distilling cuts, cask types and sizes, maturation abv and environments. We will release a number of expressions over the first few years, reflecting our progress and showcasing these variables.

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Our whisky reflects Cheshire's history of evolution

Our branding and packaging is suitably premium and reflects our county’s history, landscape and buildings. Cheshire has a history of evolution, renewal and innovation – from dairy farming, cheese making and salt mining to pottery, silk and being at the forefront of the industrial revolution. Our whisky reflects this history of evolution. Not to mimic what’s gone before, but be inspired by it. We’ve pulled on the timeless traditions of whisky making for inspiration, but we are not held back by them. We’ve created our own unique, Cheshire Single Malt English Whisky.

Bottle Releases

First Release

Our First Release is already bursting with fruit and vanilla character and is being finished in combinations of European oak port, sauterne, red wine and madeira casks to add depth of flavour. It will be 46% ABV, we will not chill-filter before bottling and will not add caramel colouring. This release is likely to be only 2,700 70cl bottles, each will be individually numbered and priced at £60. 

We anticipate there will be significant demand. To receive updates including news on the pre-sell date and time, add your email address to our mailing list below.

We will be bottling this release in 2 lots in September and October 2022 and there will be a maximum individual purchase quantity in order to try to ensure everyone who wants a bottle gets one.

Second & Third Release

Our Second Release will follow in March 2023 and our Third in Summer 2023.