Raspberry Gin

40% ABV

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Raspberries, with their sweetly tart flavour and their delicate natural pink pigment, are the perfect choice for our flavoured gin.

It’s not simply a gin flavoured with fruit, it’s a sophisticated gin for which a cocktail of fifteen botanicals have been selected to complement and enhance the raspberries, creating a wonderfully balanced flavour profile. Once added to our copper still, these botanicals are gently macerated overnight in our own Weetwood spirit wash. We then slowly distil for five hours adding more layers of flavour as the vapours travel through the botanical basket. The resulting Weetwood Raspberry Gin is a fabulously fruity alternative to our acclaimed London Dry Gin.

Serve with a good tonic or lemonade over ice, garnish with fresh raspberries and orange peel.

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Close up of Weetwood Distillery raspberry gin