Creating Weetwood Distillery was a long-held ambition which was realised in 2018 with the arrival of our custom-built copper still. We take an authentic approach to distilling and create our own base spirit to enhance the substance and character of what we create. In addition to our range of unaged spirits, we have a growing stock of casks filled with new make spirit to release as a unique Single Malt Cheshire Whisky in 2022.

Weetwood Distillery London Dry Gin Bottle

London Dry Gin

42% ABV

We distil this grain-to-glass London Dry Gin in small batches. It starts its journey as grain which is mashed in our own brewhouse.

Weetwood Distillery Raspberry Gin bottle

Raspberry Gin

40% ABV

Raspberries, with their sweetly tart flavour and their delicate natural pink pigment, are the perfect choice for our flavoured gin.

Marmalade Gin optimised v2

Marmalade Gin

40% ABV

The bittersweet zestiness of marmalade made from Seville oranges pairs magically with a juniper-led gin.

Weetwood Distillery Cheshire Vodka bottle

Cheshire Vodka

40% ABV

We take our time to produce an authentic grain to glass spirit by fermenting the finest English grain before triple-distilling in very small batches into this smooth vodka.

the cheshire whisky

Single Malt Whisky

46% ABV
Lovingly hand-crafted single-malt whisky made in the heart of rural Cheshire. First Release will be available in early Autumn 2022.

WD AppleBrandy WEB

Apple Brandy

40% ABV

Many famous varieties of English cider apples are used to produce the cider which we slowly distil before aging the fresh spirit for a year in virgin European oak barrels.

Weetwood GinRumCans 7

Pre-Mixed Spirit Cans

5% ABV

Our pre-mixed spirit cans blend Weetwood’s craft spirits with a selection of refreshing mixers. Ready-to-drink and perfect for picnics, also vegan friendly and gluten free, they are best served chilled.

Weetwood’s new spirits refill scheme

At Weetwood our customers can now visit our Brewery and Distillery Shop and refill their empty bottles with Weetwood spirits. We offer Weetwood Raspberry Gin, our Marmalade Gin, London Dry Gin and Cheshire Vodka, as well as new editions which we will share details of in the coming months.

Empty 70cl spirit bottles can be refilled in our shop at our home in Kelsall, near Tarporley and we’ll give a discount of £5 per bottle against the shop price.

weetwood refille scheme