Coming soon – Weetwood Distillery

Beers and spirits go hand-in-hand. We love a good gin or a great whisky as much as we love good beer and it’s long been our ambition to create some. At our Cheshire site, we now finally have the space and resources and so, in an enterprise totally complementary to the brewery, we’re launching Weetwood Distillery in 2018.

We can’t wait to channel our enthusiasm and skill to produce some great drinks.

As with Weetwood beer, quality and flavour come first. We want to create the very best drinks and so we’ll not be taking any shortcuts by simply processing a drum of industrial ethanol, or sub-contracting production to another distillery. We’ll be creating our spirits from their source, malted barley, starting in the brewhouse with the production of our own base spirit for a true “grain-to-glass” range. Doing it this way will add complexity, time and expense, however we believe it will result in a quality, unique and authentic range.

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