Weetwood Ales

Small batch spirits distilled in Cheshire.

Beer and spirits go hand-in-hand. We love a good gin or a great whisky as much as we love good beer and it’s long been our ambition to begin distilling. At our Cheshire site, we now finally have the space and resources and so, in an enterprise totally complementary to the brewery, we’re very excited to announce the launch of Weetwood Distillery.

From our fermentation vessels to the German copper still custom-built to our precise design, nothing has been overlooked on the journey our spirits are taking from grain, mashed in our own brewhouse, all the way through to the glass. Producing our own base spirit adds complexity and time, however we believe this authentic approach will be a significant point-of-difference and will enhance the substance and character of what we create.

In time, we plan to produce a range of spirits, for now, we’re starting with the release of a London Dry Gin that’s packed with aroma and flavour, and a triple distilled, silky smooth Cheshire Vodka.


Weetwood Ales Range


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